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High-Low Screws, Dry Wall Screws, Chip Board Screws, PT Thread Screws

Products Details:

Head Types :

Pan Head Screw Flange Screw
Truss Head Screw Screw with washer Assembly
Hex Head Screw V Washer, Plain washer,
Hex Flange Screw Spring washer , Dome washer,
Truss Head Screw Star washer
Oval Head Screw Terminal Screw
Binding Head Screw Sems Screw
CSK Screw Precise Electronic Screw
Fillister Head Screw Button Head Screw
Carriage BOLT Round Head Screw
Cheese Head Combi Screw Raised head screw
Cheese Head Screw Bugle Head
Push Button Screws Relay Screws
Contactor Screws Starter Screws
Connector Screws Bimetal Insert
Plunger Screws Bush
Knob & Grub Screws Range Screw & Assembly
S.S. Rivet Terminal Washers
Flat Terminal Washer External Tooth Washer
Retainer Box Clamp Screw
Bend Washers Picture Tube Screw
Lock Bar S.S Pin
Alloy Steel Rivets Copper Rivets
Rivets Pin
Long Rivets CSK Rivets
Brass Eyelet Alluminium Eyelet
Hex Slotted Allen Socket CSK
Magnet Rivet Headless Rivet
Flat Head Screw Hex Washer Head Screw


Drive Types :

Square Drive Screw Phillips Slooted Drive Screw
Phillips Drive Screw Slotted Drive Screw
Philips Combination Screw Torx (Star) Drive Screw
Philips Pozi Drive 6-LOB Drive Screw
Square Drive Screw Spanner / Snake Eye Drive Screw
Hex Drive Screw Non-Standard drive Screw
12-Point Drive Screw One-Way (Security) Drive Screw
Timmit Drive Screw Frearson Drive Screw

Threads Available:

Self Tapping Screw Triangular Thread Screw (Also known as Taptipe Thread)
Machine Screw High - low Screw
Y Type Screws Dry wall Screw
Wood Screw Chip Board Screw
BTB Screw PT Thread Screw
BT Screw Self drilling Screw
Under Cut Screws

Groove Lock Screws (Ring Screws)



Grade 1 R Grade 4.6 Grade
Grade2 S Grade 4.8 Grade
Grade 5 T Grade 6.8 Grade
Grade8 U Grade 8.8 Grade
  V Grade 10.9 Grade
  12.9 Grade

**Special Hardening as per customer requirement

Material :

Low Tensile Fasteners High Tensile Fasteners Stainless Steel Material
SAE 1006 10 B 21 SS302 CHQ
SAE 1008 15 B 25 SS 304 CHQ
SAE 1010 1541 SS 204 cu2
SAE 1018   Xm7

IS Standards:

IS 1363 PART 1 To 20 IS 7478
IS 5957 :1989 IS 1365
IS 1367 : 1991 IS 8364
IS 2507-1975 IS 9550
IS 5371-1982 IS 1364
IS 3063-1972 IS 1366
IS 2389-1968 IS 6101
IS 2016-1967 IS 7173
IS 5556 :1991 IS 3063
IS 7485 :1985 IS 7483
IS 1364 : 1983 IS 1366
IS 1367 : 1991 IS 2907-1964
IS 2388-1971 IS 4040-1967
IS 1366 IS 3577:1992
IS 11169 PART 1 IS 11169 PART 2

JIS Standards:

JIS B 1012 : 1985 JIS B 1059 : 2001
JIS B 1021 : 2003 JIS B 1060 : 2003
JIS B 1022 :1999 JIS B 1071 : 1985
JIS B 1041: 1993 JIS B 1112 : 1995
JIS B 1045 : 2001 JIS B 1122 : 1996
JIS B 1051 : 2000 JIS B 1123 : 1996
JIS B 1053 : 1999 JIS B 1125 : 2003
JIS B 1188 : 1995 JIS B 1126 : 1995
JIS B 1055 : 1995 JIS B 1127 : 1995
JIS B 1056 : 2000 JIS B 1129 : 2004
JIS B 1057 : 2001 JIS B 1111 : 1996
JIS B 1058 : 1995 JIS B 1213 : 1995

Surface Treatment For Fasteners :

ROHS Compliant Platting i.e. Trivalant Zinc(Y/B)
Trivalant Zinc With Hydrogen Deembrittlement
Black Trivalant
Zinc White / Zinc Yellow Passivation
Cobalt Zinc White / Yellow Passivation
Black zinc Passivation
Olive Green Passivation
Cobalt zinc olive green passivation
Nickel Plating
Tin Plating
Cadmium Plating
Zinc Electro galvenised

** Special Plating as per customer Requirement.


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